Friday, November 23, 2012

Fresh Pasta Menu

Tortelli di Zucca Photographic Print

Well I bought up big on food last time, and found going into my next fortnight I won't have to buy food in the first week, just some in the minor pay, plus three meals.  Um yeah, makes sense to me lol.  I have put all the pasta recipes together unwisely, but found a good site with recipes with vegetables.  They seem expensive even without buying the pasta, but not too much so. 

Sunday 2nd ~ Gnocchi Bolognaise (uses Leggos bolognese chunky pasta sauce)
Monday ~ Canneloni & Salad
Tuesday~ Lasagne x 2

shopping for:

Wednesday ~ Mexican Corn, Coriander & Tortellini Salad
Thursday ~ Waldorf Agnolotti Salad
Friday ~ Beef Ravioli with Bocconcini & Basil Salad
Saturday ~ Tortellini, Pumpkin, Pancetta Salad
Sunday ~ Three Bean Agnolotti Salad
Monday 10th  ~ Ravioli, Parmesan Bake (uses pork sausages)

Interesting recipes:  Chorizo, Spinach & Tortellini Salad 

In the meantime my daughter had a cheese making class at school, and yesterday brought home a large amount of beautiful feta cheese.  She immediately made herself a Greek Salad  I chose to substitute a chorizo recipe from last week for this:

Spaghetti with Chorizo, Feta & Spinach

and then I am thinking of adding to the menu these two items to use it up and enjoy it, something where the cheese doesn't get lost.

Vegetarian Turkish Pizza
Pumpkin, Spinach & Feta Spaghetti

So I already have means over from last fortnight, amazing.  I guess I will just drop off the Canneloni and Lasagne. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Christmas Hamper Menu

Christmas Cookies in the Shape of Snowmen Photographic Print

It will be my birthday just after the hampers arrive and then my daughters.  I have been buying some things for myself already, so the hampers will pay for the phone bill I am a little behind on, I am glad.  I am doing this in advance so I am right to go with the fruit and vegetable order.  

Friday 16th November (trip out to dentist) ~ Bacon & Avocado Burgers
Saturday ~ Ravioli Boscaiola
Sunday ~ Tortellini with Bacon, Tomato, Chilli & Baby Spinach
Monday ~  Tomato & Basil Agnolotti 
Tuesday ~ Prosciutto & Rocket Lasagna
Wednesday ~ Spaghetti with Salami Carbonara
Thursday ~ Tuna Pasta Salad
Friday ~ Vegetable & Chorizo Paella
Saturday ~ Lentil & Kransky Stew
Sunday ~ Pasta Papparadelle with Kabana
Monday ~ Lasagna

Interesting recipes:
Rocket Ravioli with Tomato & Olive Dressing
Mexican Pizza (uses pork mince)

Success from last week:
if you have pork sausages and not much else, try this, you won't feel deprived at all
Spring Rice with Sausage, Egg, Lemon & Pecorino 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Visit to the City Menu

Close-Up of Cheese (Feta) with Tomatoes Photographic Print

This fortnight was pretty good.  I was away on Tuesday, driving to see my older kids.  I promised my daughter I would go to a Kasey Chambers concert for her birthday.  So I went a day early to go to dinner with my son and to have a break from driving.  On the way home on Thursday I stopped at the supermarket 50 minutes from home where I used to shop ages ago, I still love it there, and they still have great and cheap meat.  So I got even meat for this menu.  It turned out well, I didn't have to order fruit, I was going to do it while I was away.  The meat was enough, didn't have to buy much at all for the first week of this menu, just wraps, tomatoes, very little else.  I think hubby bought the pies for his and our daughter's tea one night but we have some left when my other daughter is away for Youth Group one night.  

While I was away I went to a Mexican restaurant, and a Malaysian restaurant, how lucky is that.  I had tostatas which were round and flat with feta on them, and at the Malaysian restaurant I enjoyed the roti and the tea they served. 

Tuesday ~ left overs
Wednesday ~ pies
Thursday ~ bolognaise
Friday ~ Chow Mein
Saturday ~ Sausage Casserole (we found a new way of doing it without using packet French Onion Soup)
Sunday ~ left over Chow Mein & Sausage Casserole
Monday ~ Butter Chicken Wraps
Tuesday ~ Zucchini & Parmesan Pasta
Wednesday ~ wombuk  Speedy Mix & Noodle Stir-fry
Thursday ~ Pork Sausage & Bean Soup (uses four bean mix)
Friday ~ Pies x 3 (eaten by accident)
Saturday ~ Veal Campagnola or Veal Schnitzel with Buttermilk Coleslaw
& Pea Mozzarella & Mint Pasta
Sunday ~ Butter Chicken Wraps
Monday ~  Spring Rice with Sausage, Egg, Lemon & Pecorino (uses Pork Sausages)
Tuesday ~ Mexican Chilli Bean Beef (uses Vegemite and cocoa)
Wednesday ~ Chicken Fried Rice with Egg & Buk Choy
Thursday ~ our hampers are here!!! Stir-fried Beef & Vegetable Chow Mein
or Lamb with Quince Paste for the rest of the quince paste.