Homemade Worcestershire Sauce

This sauce is a family recipe. It keeps indefinitely and we love it. It comes from the Leader Spare Corner book. My husband first made it probably in 1984.

Worcestershire Sauce

1 gallon vinegar (make sure you have the right gallon recipe for the right country)
1 oz cayene
1/4 oz cloves
1/2 oz ground mace
1/4 oz allspice
1/2 oz ground ginger
1/4 lb salt (+ 1oz garlic my husband has added this)
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup treacle

Crush all ingredients together and mix with cup cold water and put into boiling vinegar. Simmer for 1 hour. Strain and bottle. Strain through an open fabric, leave some sediment with it.

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Anonymous said…
Does this need to be canned or it is okay just in a closed container at room temperature? Thanks.
Linda said…
My husband put it into bottles, they would have to be clean and maybe sterilised in the oven, I'll ask him.
Linda said…
It keeps for a very long time in the bottles just in the pantry.
Anonymous said…

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