Wednesday, December 30, 2009

After Christmas Menu

It's Time for Ham!

Today my husband made our Christmas ham with an orange and some whole cloves and bay leaves. Here is the recipe. It smells very Christmasy, but it is past Christmas now. We had Christmas at my Mum's place. Still I enjoy the smell. Mum gave me some Pandoro from my step-brother's partner, who is Italian. It comes with vanilla icing sugar. I got quite a bit, I am the only one that likes it.

Pandoro recipes:

Iced Christmas Puddings with Chocolate Sauce
Limoncello Trifle

I wanted to shop in the town I usually shop in. Last fortnight I didn't go because I had food left from the hamper, meats in particular. It was lucky because a fire sprang up around lunchtime in that area around the time I would have been nearly home I hope. This time I was going to go to Coles as my daughter has a movie ticket. They gave out tickets for a theatre 1 1/2 hours away. I make have to drive her especially, as I can see that apart from minced meat, I have all my meat, and have a list made up that my husband can take to the local shop, since he is on holiday.

I have ordered my daughter a nice book online from Booktopia, and paid up my bills. The book is called Do Hard Things. Apparently it was recommended at Youth Group.

Thursday ~ Ham & Vegetables (Glazed Ham with cloves and bay leaves)
Friday ~ Maple Snags with Mustard Mash (Chipolatas)
Saturday ~ Kabana & Bacon Macaroni Cheese with Kabana
Sunday ~ Frankfurters perhaps hot dogs
Monday ~ was to be clam chowder will have to think of another recipe perhaps German Potato Salad or Tuna Casserole
Tuesday ~ Creamy Mustard Kranksy
Wednesday ~ Fettucini Carbonara
Thursday ~ Ham & Zucchini Pasta
Friday ~ Ham & Egg Pasta
Saturday ~ Pasta with Ham, Tomatoes & Feta
Sunday ~ Spaghetti Bolognaise
Monday ~ Tuna & Mushroom Spaghetti

I came across Ainsley's Five Ingredients, interesting as I got 4 Ingredients cookbook for Christmas.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Auld Lang Syne

I love to hear any memories that this song reminds you of.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lazy Days

Making : Notes or a short list here and there
Cooking :
something from the menu
Drinking :
Lemonade (something like 7Up)
just finished The Desires of Her Heart by Lyn Cote
more weather like this
forward to any jobs we can get done over the holidays ie January
looking at our new goldfish in the bowl
Wasting: I suppose time
my daughter is using her new toy sewing machine
for nothing, I have been pretty blessed lately
watching Selling Houses on TV
for pay day!
Liking: my shortbread, though I haven't started eating it yet
what it was like in Ikea today, my son went there, lucky him
finding some more Christmas goodies, I was wondering where my mince pies went to
Hoping: the weather and conditions stay nice for shopping day, no high winds etc.
at Mum knowing what I may like
Needing: a few more coins
wet rainy air from outside
Brown capris and beige t-shirt
going to read about Mandy's Christmas
my swan plant has baby swans, and there is a monarch butterfly in the garden, a good combination!
the library will be open tomorrow
about how my son went to Costco today for the first time
a bit confused, I guess it is time to move on from Christmas to something else, though I guess there is no rush
haven't been on the computer much
on Christmas Day I got the 4 Ingredients cookbook
at the music video on TV, It's my Town by Sovereign

From here.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Movies

I went to a blog of a commenter on my other blog, and read their Christmas Random Dozen post and found for Christmas they like a movie called The Homecoming. I don't know if I have seen it or not, I possibly have. It is a Walton's movie. How wonderful. I remember when I was about 16, after Christmas during my January school holidays (which lasted six weeks) watching the Waltons every day at 12. I loved it. I needed it too I expect.

I am posting it here for your enjoyment and for me to watch. Thanks Kim, @ Just a Southern Girl.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Odds & Sods Menu

Ingredients and Utensils for Christmas Baking

This is my third shopping day (each fortnight or two weeks) that I haven't been to the supermarket. My husband has been with any items that we don't have, but it is not a full shop by any means, no where near. I am using things from my Christmas hampers that I paid for during the year. I don't think I need to go again this fortnight. I did order fruit, vege and bread, and think I will do so again, I wasn't sure. It is nice to have a big delivery of bread and know it is not going to run out. So I will start early and plan my menu today ready for the fruit order tomorrow. My husband may not get to the list for awhile, maybe he will have to do it sooner rather than later. Our sons are moving house this weekend, well they will be home next week, but they need to shift their furniture ready to hand in the keys. Not sure when younger son will be there again, but his room will be ready for him. He will be going to uni in February.

Thursday ~ Taco Yiros
Friday ~ Fish & Wombuk Salad (need fried noodles)
Saturday ~ Zucchini, Tomato & Chilli Rigatoni
Sunday ~ Clam Chowder
Monday ~ Warm Cottage Salad (pork sausages & small potatoes & feta)
Tuesday ~ Maple Snags with Mustard Mash (chipolatas)
Wednesday ~ Bucatini with Sausage, Tomato & Caramelised Onion (cherry tomatoes pork sausages)
Thursday ~ Spicy Chicken with Asparagus and Noodles
Friday ~ Ham & Pumpkin Frittata (chives & parmesan)
Saturday ~ Curry & Kabana Sausage Rolls
Sunday ~ Continental Frankfurter Bake
Monday ~ Paella
Tuesday ~ Macaroni Cheese with Kabana
Wednesday ~ Fettucine Carbonara

The picture above reminds me of Kirstie's Homemade Christmas that I watched last night, and my middle daughter's recent cooking class where she washed up some cutters and took them to school.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jam Funnel

I was watching Nigella's Christmas Kitchen tonight Series 2, and she was making Chilli Jelly. She uses the jam funnel to put chilly jar and her other preserves into jars. For those with experience with preserving you will know that usually you have to put a teatowel down first, take the jars out of the oven (Nigella uses the dishwasher) onto the teatowel. Then with a ladle sometimes a little goes onto the teatowel. The funnel sounds perfect! I want one!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Have you heard of a Hughie sink?

I admit, I hadn't.

You could win a Hughie sink here. Hughie website here.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Where I Am Up To

Making : a nice folded overfull stack of laundry in the basket
Cooking :
maybe we will have a sausage, egg salad for tea
Drinking :
no novels on the go yet
a novel to read
at the back lawn that needs mowing
nothing, except enjoying Joolz mixpod
Wasting: I have the day to waste, but think I should have my eyes closed
my daughter is making a little handbag with her material collection and sewing scissors
Christmas didn't have that yuck feeling about now, still unsure how to avoid it, however that is not the case today
the cooler weather
for my girls to come home from swimming and bike riding
Liking: the things the girls bought to wear this summer
about the scores for VCE or Year 12
well liking at least Lee Kernaghan's Planet Country CD
Hoping: the scores are good, at least to be able to go to the city, the regional uni is only first year
at the kids, they are amazing sometimes
Needing: more listening time perhaps
a bathmat that needs washing, sorry
orange, I notice bright colours stand out in the street, maybe I should still to another colour
reading a little in my google reader
how my daughter's tomatoes need water
my husband is having trouble starting the mower
about where we are up to, after a big day out you have to forget that and keep going, not much time to dwell around here
I don't open a lot of things, will have an ebay parcel next week
don't remember

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Birthday Menu

A Girl Eats Birthday Cake

This menu starts with a trip to the dentist on my usual shopping day, and perhaps bad planning, though it is harder to get an appointment a birthday party for my little girl. I think I started this post on the 4th of November?

Thursday December 3 ~ icecream cake & Singapore-styled Fried Rice
Friday December 4 ~ Spaghetti Bolognaise
Saturday December 5 ~ Salami & Mushroom Linguine (pasta sauce)
Sunday December 6 ~ Tuna & Olive Patties & Green Vegetables (roast garlic pasta sauce?)
Monday December 7 ~ Nachos
Tuesday December 8 ~ Kabana Cassolet (Kabana is supposedly Polish cabanossi) with fried polenta
Wednesday December 9 ~ Sea Dory with Greens
Thursday December 10 ~ Savoury Mince Rolls (Dinner Rolls frozen)
Friday December 11 ~ Cauliflower & Bacon Macaroni Cheese
Saturday December 12 ~ Sausage & Borlotti Bean Bake (uses chipolatas)
Sunday December 13 ~ Veronicas Potato Salad (uses frankfurters)
Monday December 14 ~ Egg & Sausage Potato Salad (BBQ sausages)
Tuesday December 15 ~ Ham & Egg Pasta
Wednesday December 16 ~ Broccoli & Bacon Pasta Bake

Interesting recipe I came across: Kabana Fritters