Christmas Movies

I went to a blog of a commenter on my other blog, and read their Christmas Random Dozen post and found for Christmas they like a movie called The Homecoming. I don't know if I have seen it or not, I possibly have. It is a Walton's movie. How wonderful. I remember when I was about 16, after Christmas during my January school holidays (which lasted six weeks) watching the Waltons every day at 12. I loved it. I needed it too I expect.

I am posting it here for your enjoyment and for me to watch. Thanks Kim, @ Just a Southern Girl.


Kadeeae said…
I have seen it, a few times ;-) Absolutely love the Waltons! Don't think I've missed any of the episodes over the years - had no idea it was available on YouTube, thanks.
A Gracious Home said…
I'm watching the Waltons. Thanks for posting it. I haven't seen it in a long time. I watched it until it started getting so sad. I hope you have a great Christmas, Doylene
Kadeeae said…
Hi Linda,

Me again, lol. Just wanted to wish you and yours a Happy Christmas!

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