Lazy Days

Making : Notes or a short list here and there
Cooking :
something from the menu
Drinking :
Lemonade (something like 7Up)
just finished The Desires of Her Heart by Lyn Cote
more weather like this
forward to any jobs we can get done over the holidays ie January
looking at our new goldfish in the bowl
Wasting: I suppose time
my daughter is using her new toy sewing machine
for nothing, I have been pretty blessed lately
watching Selling Houses on TV
for pay day!
Liking: my shortbread, though I haven't started eating it yet
what it was like in Ikea today, my son went there, lucky him
finding some more Christmas goodies, I was wondering where my mince pies went to
Hoping: the weather and conditions stay nice for shopping day, no high winds etc.
at Mum knowing what I may like
Needing: a few more coins
wet rainy air from outside
Brown capris and beige t-shirt
going to read about Mandy's Christmas
my swan plant has baby swans, and there is a monarch butterfly in the garden, a good combination!
the library will be open tomorrow
about how my son went to Costco today for the first time
a bit confused, I guess it is time to move on from Christmas to something else, though I guess there is no rush
haven't been on the computer much
on Christmas Day I got the 4 Ingredients cookbook
at the music video on TV, It's my Town by Sovereign

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Lyn Cote said…
So did you enjoy my book or not? Or shouldn't I ask?
Great little post and how lucky you are to get 4 ingredients.....I have about 4 books on my wishlist.
Linda said…
Hi Lyn, I am very happy you dropped by.

I have been thinking of the wording for a couple of days for a mini review for this book, and couldn't let time pass without at least mentioning that I had read it, in case I want to find the title name at a later date, and I do have a reader who likes to know what I have read.

This book has answers to two of my life's questions that I have been struggling with. To be blunt, about men, and also why some people can treat people badly. I know I will regret sending the book back to the library and have considered if I need to buy my own copy particularly about the second subject.

I liked Carlos comments at the end of the book. I wonder if you can take up this topic one day when attraction happens when the woman is married and if she has to acknowledge their feelings rather than be rude to stop things going further. Like thanks but no thanks.
Linda said…
I also found the version of the history of Texas very interesting, as it was slightly different to what I have read before.

My library has book 2 in the series so I have just ordered it. Can't wait to see what is in there, off to find out.

I first read Stephen Bly on this subject I think, or similar.

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