After Christmas Menu

It's Time for Ham!

Today my husband made our Christmas ham with an orange and some whole cloves and bay leaves. Here is the recipe. It smells very Christmasy, but it is past Christmas now. We had Christmas at my Mum's place. Still I enjoy the smell. Mum gave me some Pandoro from my step-brother's partner, who is Italian. It comes with vanilla icing sugar. I got quite a bit, I am the only one that likes it.

Pandoro recipes:

Iced Christmas Puddings with Chocolate Sauce
Limoncello Trifle

I wanted to shop in the town I usually shop in. Last fortnight I didn't go because I had food left from the hamper, meats in particular. It was lucky because a fire sprang up around lunchtime in that area around the time I would have been nearly home I hope. This time I was going to go to Coles as my daughter has a movie ticket. They gave out tickets for a theatre 1 1/2 hours away. I make have to drive her especially, as I can see that apart from minced meat, I have all my meat, and have a list made up that my husband can take to the local shop, since he is on holiday.

I have ordered my daughter a nice book online from Booktopia, and paid up my bills. The book is called Do Hard Things. Apparently it was recommended at Youth Group.

Thursday ~ Ham & Vegetables (Glazed Ham with cloves and bay leaves)
Friday ~ Maple Snags with Mustard Mash (Chipolatas)
Saturday ~ Kabana & Bacon Macaroni Cheese with Kabana
Sunday ~ Frankfurters perhaps hot dogs
Monday ~ was to be clam chowder will have to think of another recipe perhaps German Potato Salad or Tuna Casserole
Tuesday ~ Creamy Mustard Kranksy
Wednesday ~ Fettucini Carbonara
Thursday ~ Ham & Zucchini Pasta
Friday ~ Ham & Egg Pasta
Saturday ~ Pasta with Ham, Tomatoes & Feta
Sunday ~ Spaghetti Bolognaise
Monday ~ Tuna & Mushroom Spaghetti

I came across Ainsley's Five Ingredients, interesting as I got 4 Ingredients cookbook for Christmas.


Kadeeae said…
The menu looks scrumptious, I'll be starting back with my meal plan on the 10th after our 'what ever you want' break, lol.

It will be time by then, did this for a break, but we're starting to miss the routine and plan now.

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