Jalapeno Jumping

Jalapeno Chiles, Mexico

This is a week early, so hopefully not too premature. I have a large jar of 6/10 heat jalapeno peppers to use up. Also we are getting a large jar of anchovies.

Tuesday 29th ~ Mexican Pita Pizzas
Wednesday ~ Corn Quesadillas with Bean Salad
Thursday ~ Chihuahua Rice
Friday ~ Capsicum & Corn Enchiladas
Saturday ~ Spicy Bean Hotpot
Sunday ~ Puttanesca
Monday ~ Orrecchiette with Creamy Broccoli
Tuesday ~ Spaghetti with Chilli & Sun-dried Tomatoes
Wednesday ~ Pumpkin, Lemon & Broccoli Risotto
Thursday ~ Egg & Vegetable Curry
Friday ~ Mexican Potato & Salsa Salad
Saturday ~ Middle Eastern Chickpea & Vegetable Salad
Sunday ~ Spicy Potato Cakes
Monday ~ Chicken Tabouli Salad
Tuesday ~ Gnocchi with Sugo
Wednesday ~ Japanese Vegetarian Pancakes
Thursday ~ Sausage Bake with Rocket Pesto
Friday ~ Lima Bean Soup (an adaptation of Pea Soup from Cookery The Australia Way about 2003) to use up left over dried lima beans

Interesting recipes: Lentil Tabouli with Crisp Garlic Bread

Swap recipes to use the left-over brussels sprouts:
Brussels Sprout, Carrot & Pasta Soup

Success from last week:

Cheesy Damper

Creamy Fettucine with Brussels Sprouts (not that good reheated)
Pumpkin & Capsicum Fajitas


A Joyful Chaos said…
Sounds like a spicy week. :)
I like the sound of Orecchiette with creamy broccoli, minus the chillies. It calls for thickened cream would that be whipping cream?

Have you tried this recipe yet?

Gill in Canada
Linda said…
Any cream that is not sweetened and can still pour a little would be fine I think.
Linda said…
Oops, no I haven't.
Maria said…
Linda.. your menu's always sound colourful and tasty. Again.. it has given me a little boot up the bum.. to remind me that I'd be less stressed and more organised if I planned some dinners in advance.

The Quesedilla's and Japanese Pancakes stand out to me the most.. mmmm!

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