Kerosene Tins

What a basic thing everyone had once. If we were all poor I guess we wouldn't have one to use. It is the one with the grindstones on it.

I promised to post my recipe for homecuring meat since there are some chemicals available in some supermarkets to do that I think. Not very clearly marked though. But I will buy some next time I see it.

I found I have lots of recipes in my new book. I bet the pickled meat was actually cooked in the tin, any thoughts?

Pickled Meat

Meat pickled this way keeps like fresh. Take a good half kerosene tin of water, and put in two-pint mugfuls of salt and 1 pint mugful of sugar and boil well. Skim. Now, while boiling, put the meat in, and boil for 10 to 15 minutes. Lift off fire, put a weight on the meat to hold it down under the brine, and cook as quickly as possible. Tie cloth over tin, and keep in cool place. This is good for beef or mutton, and it can be cooked any way you like - baked or boiled. - Still Smiling.

To Corn Mutton

2lb salt, put into 2 gallons (be careful gallons may vary by country) water and bring to boil. Put in mutton, and boil for 15 minutes. Take off fire to cool, and when lukewarm add 1/2 teaspoon saltpetre dissolved in a little warm water. Cover over, and keep in a cool place. Tested, and found good. - Still Smiling.

Salt petre may be considered unhealthy, not sure. My husband suggested small amounts, so you wouldn't want to add extra. However, our large knob of luncheon meat that I bought commercially last week or nearly two weeks ago has this ingredient in it.


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