Off milk and curing your own meat

This book is a joy to us. We didn't know a book like this existed. We already had a Leader Spare Corner book, I think originally from the Spare Corner of the Leader newspaper. It was where the recipes were published. Then after so many months or years they published the spare corners into a book. We recently bought a better copy of the one we had that had no cover. This one is in a much better format. For example it reads like a normal cooking book.

I found a section for example for eggless puddings. I know this is interesting, because I am eggless and have decided that I am not going to replace them until next shopping day, which is in two weeks. I want to keep our left over money for my husband's trip and the girls day at the show. I don't need a pudding though but it is interesting. I suppose if our meals turn out a bit light I could try one.

Last winter I found a curious bag in the supermarket where I shop. It is a farming district and I assume it is salt petre. My husband says it could be carcenergenic. However, imagine having sheep and being able to pickle some of the meat. I suppose freezers are just as good. I love pickled leg of lamb though, I used to have it for Christmas. Maybe my Nana did it so I would know what it was like. Maybe it is that bit special, it did taste nice. Anyway the book has the recipe. That is special in itself because I was sorry I didn't know how to use this ingredient that was prominently on my supermarket shelf.

I found a recipe for scones that uses up off milk. I thought these days with fewer people in homes that could be useful. We use UHT milk, and it doesn't go off really, you don't have to be as careful with it.

Sour Milk Scones

Never throw away a cup of sour milk, keep it, as it makes the most delightful scones. Into 3/4lb. plain flour mix 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar 1/2 teaspoon carbonate of soda, and sift all together in order to get rid of the lumps. Mix into a light, but not too moist, dough with the sour milk, shape into a round on a floured board, and then cut into triangles and bake for twenty minutes on a buttered tin in a good top heat. Mrs. A.K.

I assume it is for slightly off milk.

I wonder if these recipes were tested. Lots of them say, for example for plum sauce, that it will keep. The recipes seemed to have practicality in mind.


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