Pantry Menu

Tuesday ~ Mexican Tuna Pasta Salad
Wednesday ~ Tuna Mornay with Crunchy Chips
next pay
Chicken Tonight
Thursday ~ Tuna Corn Burgers
Friday ~ Tuna Bread Salad
Saturday ~ Left overs
Sunday ~ Left overs
Monday ~ Chow Mein
Tuesday ~ Tuna Mornay above

Friday ~ Meatballs with Pepper Sauce & Silverbeet
Saturday ~ Tuna Mornay with Crunchy Chips above
Sunday ~ Chicken & Tomato Paella
Monday ~ Salmon & Corn Rice

Thursday ~ Butter Chicken Wraps
Friday ~ Pork Chow Mein uses pork mince
Saturday ~ Pork and Dill Cabbage Rolls
Sunday ~ Easy Chicken Chow Mein (had before) (swapped with pies)
Monday ~ Easy Pork Gumbo (uses pork sausages)
Tuesday ~ chicken mince alfredo
Wednesday ~ Greek Salad with Tuna
Thursday ~ Vegetable Jalfrezi 
Friday ~ Spinach and Rocket 
Saturday ~ Leek, Chicken and Corn (buy chicken) swap with pork chow mein maybe
Sunday ~ Dill  Pide or Mushroom Burgers
Monday ~ Meatballs with Pepper Finishing Sauce next week

week after:  Crunchy Bacon Tuna
Tuna Stir-fry
Pies (already had)


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