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Thursday ~ Native spice pork with crushed potatoes
Friday ~ Chicken Schnitzel Burgers or pork cutlets and potato salad see below 
Saturday 24th ~ Mince and meatballs (buy mince) as per packet
Sunday 25th ~ Beef Skewers with Tahini Cauliflower
Monday ~ Trifle & Beef & Pork Hot Continental Sausages & Bean Salad
Tuesday ~ Chicken in box

Wednesday ~ Chicken in box
Thursday ~ Silverbeet
Friday ~ Pork Ribs with Tomato Salad
Saturday ~ Marinated Pork Ribs 
or corn and wedges?  
Sunday ~ Pork Cutlets with Greek Salad
Monday ~ Marinated Pork Ribs?
Tuesday ~ Pork Cutlets?  with Fennel & Potato Salad


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