New Year Menu

Plate of Fresh Salad and Glass of Tea Photographic Print

After I made up a menu of what I wanted to makes, which is salad because we had one of those catastophic days, well it felt like it hot winds and scary.  Then it became cold for the odd day as well.  We were able to go to the regional centre on one of those colder days, quite by accident and it turned out to be a sale day at my favourite clothes shop.  In the end I had enough food money left, and there wasn't much for the deposit on a dress and four lots of mince until next week.  Coles mince was cheap again and we got a cheap bottle of sweet and sour sauce.  I'll make the rest of the salads when some more money comes during the week.  Can't wait to try the haloumi one.  The fattoush salad we made into a wrap it was beautiful with the mint in it.  

Tuesday ~ Mixed Vegetable Fritters with Salad (Coles)
Wednesday ~  Balsamic Chicken with Bean & Corn Salad
Thursday ~ Rocket, Radish & Avocado Salad
Friday ~ Tuna Fattoush Salad
Saturday ~ Sausage & Cheese Roll with Balsamic Onions
Sunday ~ Pork Stroganoff
Monday ~ Spaghetti Bolognaise
Tuesday ~ Sweet & Sour Pork
Wednesday ~ Pasta Sauce Chilli
Thursday ~ mince
Friday ~ Frankfurter Hot Pot
Saturday ~ Tomato & Onion Chipolatas and one soft chorizo maybe Sausage & Lentil Stew
Sunday ~ Beef Sausages
Monday ~ Black Bean, Chorizo & Sweet Potato Chilli
Sausage & Mustard Mash with Mustard Mash


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