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Plate of Macaroni Photographic Print

Monday it seemed like we had nothing planned.  I ended up with a beautiful meal my husband cooked from Maggie Beer, called Pumpkin Macaroni Cheese.  Admittedly I gave him four recipes so it is his own, there was no feta used, it was sweet and lovely.  I finally got to taste her Verjuice that was hidden away in my pantry, and it is lovely, obviously excellent quality, and I realised Verjuice has a history and is not that silly after all.  

Tuesday ~ Chicken Scallopini with Verjuice, Capers & Asparagus
Wednesday ~ Nicoise Salad (uses buttermilk)
Thursday ~ Chicken Souvlaki (uses pita bread & feta)
Friday ~ Lamb Sausage & Pumpkin Pilaf
Saturday ~ Ham & Broccoli Quiche
Sunday ~ Spinach Impossible Pie
Monday ~ tea out
Tuesday ~ Bolognaise Pasta Bake


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