Another combined menu

I am going to pick up something at the shops, so I can buy some things that we may need to cook, that is if I have any money left.

This menu is bothering me, I am tempted to start again.  In the meantime we went to a bulk meat place and got some sausages, sausage and mince.  We bought potatoes and cabbage.  It was all so we had the money to pick up a freezer and get some clothes while we were at the regional centre, it takes all day to do this stuff. 

To start things off, we had on Tuesday ~ Chow Mein
Wednesday ~ left overs
Thursday ~ Chicken & Lentil Hotpot, with very few ingredients bought from the shop
Friday ~ Left-over Hotpot
Saturday ~ Spaghetti Bolognaise
Sunday ~ Bigos
Monday ~ Moroccan Shepherds Pie
Tuesday ~ Chilli Con Carne (uses passata)
Wednesday ~Chow Mein
Thursday ~ Sausages
Friday ~ Sausages
Saturday ~ Japanese Pancakes
Sunday ~ left-over shepherd's pie
Monday ~ Party Pies & Sausage rolls

Tuesday ~ North African Chicken & Kidney Bean Soup (uses Ras El Han Hanout)
Wednesday ~ Warm Creamy Pesto Chicken Potato Salad
Thursday ~ Butter Chicken Pizza (uses chicken mince) or Japanese Pancakes
Friday ~ Chicken Fried Rice with Egg & Boc Choy
Saturday ~ Aloo Tikka (uses tamarind & besan flour) tikka masala
Sunday ~ Savoury Mince Ragout
Monday ~ Mince Chow Mein (uses bok choy)
Tuesday ~ Baleadas with Red Beans & Feta
Wednesday ~ Lentils with Tamarind Sauce
Thursday ~ Silverbeet with Lemon & Olive Oil
Friday ~ Silverbeet, Currant & Pinenut Pie (uses feta)
Saturday ~ Baked Gnocchi Spanakopita with Currants & Pine Nuts (similar recipes :/)
Sunday ~ Silverbeet Sourdough Gozlemes
Monday ~ Easy Cranberry Chicken & Brie Pizza (uses cranberry sauce maybe good for using up hampers)

Interesting recipes:  Easy Chicken Chow Mein (uses chicken mince)
Chicken, Bacon & Spinach  Bolognaise (uses chicken mince)
Another pastitsio with beef mince
Nana's creole pecan bars


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