Bigos Recipe for Rookwurst

Pulled from another place where I wrote this, I found I bought a rookwurst and couldn't remember what I made with it.


This is a quick recipe. Take a cup of shredded cabbage and start slowly sautéing, when it is soft and cooked (about 10 minutes) add a 3/4 of a cup of sauerkraut. Cut into small chunks your rookwurst and also add to the pan. Turn the heat up, Cook for about 10 minutes, stir so not to burn the cabbage, add a couple of spoons of tomato sauce or ketchup, salt 7 pepper to taste, cook another 3-5 minutes.. Taste better on a cold day. Just like, we are having today. This is an extremely simplified recipe of Polish Bigos/Bigus.

P.S. Some mashed potato on a side is an added bonus.


A favourite at our house.


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