Tuesday, July 10, 2012

School Holiday Menu

Piadina Flat Bread With Salami and Stracchino Cheese, Typical Emilia Romagna Food Photographic Print

We had another go at Gozleme this week, with mixed results again.  I had a left over one for lunch today and was really impressed with the dill flavour.  The pastry wasn't quite cooked, it was just as good as cafe food though I think.

Tuesday ~  Beef Chow Mein to use up beans will try this later  Beef Crepes with Gruyere Sauce
Wednesday ~ Pies
Thursday ~ Japanese Pancakes or swap because I used the cabbage
Friday ~ Chorizo Potato Salad
Saturday ~Tuna & Feta Salad
Sunday ~Mustard Chicken with Mixed Beans & Peas (uses up some things) no chicken at shop
Monday ~ Woman's Weekly Tuna pie instead of Cauliflower, Blue Cheese & Spinach Frittata
Tuesday ~ left over silverside and potatoes
Wednesday ~ Red Salmon, Witlof & Rocket Salad
Thursday ~ Chorizo & Feta Gozleme with Tomato Salad
Friday ~ Sausage Stroganoff
Saturday ~ Bacon, Egg & Sausage Burgers
Sunday ~ Slow Roasted Spicy Beef Tacos (uses silverside)
Monday ~ Chorizo, Corn & Black Bean Salad with Tortillas
Extra subs for chicken dish and using up cabbage:
Minestrone with Pumpkin

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