School Holiday Menu

Piadina Flat Bread With Salami and Stracchino Cheese, Typical Emilia Romagna Food Photographic Print

We had another go at Gozleme this week, with mixed results again.  I had a left over one for lunch today and was really impressed with the dill flavour.  The pastry wasn't quite cooked, it was just as good as cafe food though I think.

Tuesday ~  Beef Chow Mein to use up beans will try this later  Beef Crepes with Gruyere Sauce
Wednesday ~ Pies
Thursday ~ Japanese Pancakes or swap because I used the cabbage
Friday ~ Chorizo Potato Salad
Saturday ~Tuna & Feta Salad
Sunday ~Mustard Chicken with Mixed Beans & Peas (uses up some things) no chicken at shop
Monday ~ Woman's Weekly Tuna pie instead of Cauliflower, Blue Cheese & Spinach Frittata
Tuesday ~ left over silverside and potatoes
Wednesday ~ Red Salmon, Witlof & Rocket Salad
Thursday ~ Chorizo & Feta Gozleme with Tomato Salad
Friday ~ Sausage Stroganoff
Saturday ~ Bacon, Egg & Sausage Burgers
Sunday ~ Slow Roasted Spicy Beef Tacos (uses silverside)
Monday ~ Chorizo, Corn & Black Bean Salad with Tortillas
Extra subs for chicken dish and using up cabbage:
Minestrone with Pumpkin


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