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Pasta Still Life with Tomato Sauce Photographic Print

Wasn't able to make all the recipes from the menu I made up, so confusing so added this. Haven't had to buy anything extra, so still planned in a way. Had so many trips out with the kids had to conserve money. The chicken, roast beef etc. came from our Christmas hampers. Will still use the other recipes and move them to next fortnight. The last pay before Christmas!

The exciting thing is that I found a good recipe for my dried great northern beans!

Monday Dec 5 ~ Lentil & Kranksy Stew
Tuesday ~ Fish & Chips
Wednesday ~ Broccoli, Almond & Lemon Farfalle
Thursday ~ Tomato, Feta & Zucchini Ziti
Friday ~ Vegetable Japanese Pancakes
Saturday ~ Borlotti Bean, Bacon & Pasta Soup if we have tomato paste
Sunday ~ Babycorn & Spring Onion Soup with extra ingredients (we have a packet mix)
Monday ~ Chicken Tenders etc. with Roast Vegetables

Lunches: roast beef sandwiches

Interesting recipes:
Pastrami, Potato & Mustard Rosti may use this on Friday when there are less people here

BBQ Meatlovers Pizza (uses pastrami)
White Bean & Fennel Soup (uses great northern beans & anchovies)
Green Beans with Miso Dressing
Broad Beans with Chorizo & Coriander
Broad Beans with Tomato, Salami & Mint


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