Hamper Menu 2

Mature Brie Cheese with Pickled Beetroot & Pecan Nuts Photographic Print

Yes, I got a hamper with cheese and nuts. It is supposed to be for nibbles, but I am using the things for meals. Some of the dishes we made last week with special cheese in them were delicious.

Tuesday ~ Blue Cheese Tortellini with Walnuts
Wednesday ~ Fish Fingers & Chips
Thursday ~ Pies & Chips
Friday ~ Calamari with Lemon Aioli and Pea & Mint Salad
Saturday ~ Pumpkin & Spinach Stir-fry (uses macadamias)
Sunday ~ Chicken Chilli Wraps with Tenders
Monday ~ Broccoli, Almond & Lemon Farfalle
Tuesday ~ Papparadelle with Chilli & Cheese Kabana
Wednesday ~ Tomato, Feta & Zucchini Ziti
Thursday ~ Hoisin Pork with Pak Choy and Cashews
Friday ~ Tuna Casserole
Saturday ~ Mini Hot Dogs
Sunday ~ Gnocchi & Three Cheese Bake (uses Castello white cheese)
Monday ~ Lentil & Kransky Stew (use bacon pieces)

Success from last week:
Tuna & Haloumi & Bean Salad
Interesting recipes:
Spinach & Blue Cheese Crepes
Crisp Whitebait & Calamari with Quince Aioli
Pork Fennel & Sun-dried Tomato Sausages (uses pork/veal mince)
Zucchini & Feta Fritters (uses marinated feta)
Chorizo, Zucchini & Feta Rigatoni (uses rocket)
Sausage, Pea & Feta Salad (uses chicken sausages & marinated feta)
Spaghetti with Chorizo, Feta & Spinach
Pumpkin, Spinach & Feta Spaghetti (pumpkins are $8 ea atm)
Sausage & Vegetable Hotpot (uses chorizo & dates & pumpkin)
Mini Hot Dogs with Caesar Salad (uses chipolatas)


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