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I got 11 meals worked out in advance, I had a good day I think that started off with a recipe I found on facebook and went from there. My husband saw some silverside and chicken at the shop, so it was extra, and has started off this menu. However with the price of basil and the fact we didn't get to grocery shop when we went to our hometown means I have moved some recipes. I have looked on my fruit and vegetable ordering site and this week it has canned beans so I am thrilled. I usually buy two of each can when I drove out of town to do the shopping. I prefer to keep 2 cans of each type of bean that I can get my hands on in the pantry, haven't felt comfortable without that lately. Have had the odd can of beans, for example chickpeas that we ended up using. A good standby when making up menus especially if something goes wrong and you have to find another recipe. I can still buy burrito and taco kits with the fruit and vegetables, it makes it easier on my husband to shop.

Tuesday ~ Speedy Burritos
Wednesday ~ Char Sui Chicken Wrap (uses wombuk)
Thursday ~ Nasi Goreng with Prawns (uses wombuk)
Friday ~ Singapore Noodles (uses canned prawns & wombuk)
Saturday ~ Greek Bean & Silverbeet Stew
Sunday ~ Spicy Bean Soup (uses asparagus)
Monday ~ Beef & Green Bean Chilli
Tuesday ~ Roasted Vegetable Risotto (uses sweet potato)
Wednesday ~ Vegetarian Bean Hot Pot (uses green beans)
Thursday ~ Silverside & Potatoes & Beans
Friday ~ Chicken drumsticks & Roast Potatoes
Saturday ~ Fragrant Egg Curry
Sunday ~ Spaghetti with Tuna, Peas and Borlotti Beans
Monday ~ Greek-style Salad with Cannellini Beans & Fish Fingers

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