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South Tyrolean Speck (Bacon) with Juniper Berries & Herbs Photographic Print

I remember last fortnight being aghast at all the red capsicums I had to buy and zucchini. My fruit and vege order was very expensive, but I don't think the fault was all theirs though. I thoroughly enjoyed nearly all the meals and lots have been adapted and kept as family favourites. Red capsicum of course really lifts some meals. I was hoping to buy some meat like pork sausages and pork mince this week from somewhere, maybe I could send my husband to the village near our new house to try for some and to look locally.

My husband has hurt his leg. Usually he goes shopping for me. Today I went there after school while my daughter was with her oldest sister at a church group. I found my multifocals difficult in the supermarket. I have only had them a week or so, two probably. Anyone had the same problem when they first got their multis?

I found my supermarket has lifted their ban on plastic shopping bags. They have recycleable ones for 10c with donations for cancer or something, no one can complain about that right, boxes free. They had Polish sausage that I haven't been able to buy for ages. I didn't find any sauerkraut though I used to like making Bigos. Also some lovely curries (powder) marked down from nearly $8 to $2.

Then I had a mad dash trip to my hometown to get my multifocal glasses adjusted. I bought the sauerkraut at the regional centre on the way home at the health food shop, it was half price as it was overdue in a large jar. I got fenugreek seeds. Found this blog post about growing fenugreek. I am really glad I went to Olive Health Foods in Wodonga because they stock adzuki beans, mung beans and black turtle beans and juniper berries (pictured above with speck).

The money I used to get my glasses done, luckily the meals sort of looked after themselves. I found the silverside my husband had put in the freezer because he saw it to buy one day was invaluable. I didn't really have it on a previous menu seriously, was worried about thawing it out. So we had it for two nights, and our minestrone for two nights. We have reworked our original recipe from the MacKenzies packet. Originally I had spices for my silverside. My husband found his own from an old 80s Sunbeam? cookery book. The spices are much better. And when he made the soup from the stock from the silverside he added chilli to the water when he cooked the beans. It improved a previously loved recipe and kept it current, so now I will love it into the future.

Pork Sausage, Mushroom and Rocket Pasta

Tuesday ~ Fish & Chip takeaway
Wednesday ~ Minestrone
Thursday ~ Mexican Macaroni Cheese
Friday ~ Sausage & Rocket Risoni
Saturday ~ Left over Silverside with beans, pumpkin & Potato
Sunday ~ Bigos
Monday ~ Minestrone
Tuesday ~ Silverside and Brussel sprouts and cheese sauce
Wednesday ~ Beef Sausages wraps
Thursday ~ Pies, mashed potato, peas
Friday ~ Tuscan Beef Burritos
Saturday ~ Pies, mashed potato, peas, gravy
Sunday ~ Penne with Salmon & Broccoli
Monday ~ Roasted Pumpkin, Boc Choy and Miso Lentil Soup

Edited to add in a rocket recipe via a newsletter from taste: Broccoli & Pecorino Pasta

Interesting recipe:

can't use this atm price of basil too high.

Penne with Roast Pumpkin & Ricotta
Green Pea Soup with Polish Sausage
Lamb and Okra Curry (uses fenugreek seeds)

Success from last week: gorgeous very happy

Roasted Vegetable Risotto
Nasi Goreng with Prawns
Speedy Burritos
Chicken drumsticks & Roast Potatoes
Beef & Green Bean Chilli
Singapore Noodles


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