Costco Opens in Canberra

Costco has been open in Canberra for about 8 days now from memory. My son has been over there twice. It is at the airport in the old DFO building from what I can gather. He got a card for membership, and with that my other son gets one for free because they live in the same household. So if I go visit I'll just bring my son with me to pay and I can pay him back. I wanted to see if they had any American things for my pantry. We were cooking from a blog a month or so ago and had to adapt recipes that had chipotle in them. My son went to David Jones in Sydney and found this for me.

I buy three dozen eggs each fortnight in my online fruit and vegetable order, that is kindly brought here 1 1/2 hours drive. So Costco having eggs for about $5 for 30 eggs sounds really good. I also used to buy cheese in 1kg packets from Murray Goulburn, Costco has 2lb packs which is handy. The yoghurt apparently is very very cheap. One of my online friends says her friend swears she saves heaps of money shopping there. My son wasn't going to get a membership until he researched the savings which he did I think.

I found another blog that has more pictures and here.


FrugalVibe said…
As you may already know one has opened up in Auburn NSW too. A welcome change to our retail grocery market where I read in a Government source is 70% dominated by the 2 biggies. Wish this sector was more competitive than it currently is. Got back from Canada recently and boy do they have choices and cheap prices. Well I guess there are many factors at play here in Australia such as our modest population, proximity and barriers to entry, etc.

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