Tuesday ~ Tuna, Leek & Pumpkin Quiche
Wednesday ~ Winter Vegetable & Red Lentil Soup with Herbed Yoghurt (uses pumpkin)
Thursday ~ Bacon & Roast Vegetable Penne (uses pumpkin)
Friday ~ Stir-fried Vegetables on Asian Style Coconut and Pumpkin Polenta
Saturday ~ Tuna & Olive Salad
Sunday ~ Greek Meatballs (from The Cook & The Chef)
I figured if it had cloves in the tomatoes, it would actually taste Australian because that is a taste of Ezi-sauce sauce
Monday ~ Spiced Meatballs in Cream Sauce
Tuesday ~ Chilli-Bean Nachos
Wednesday ~ White Chilli Chicken

will add the other stuff later when I see how much money or vegetables I have to work with.

Thursday ~ Lasagne & Chips
Friday ~ Chow Mein
Saturday ~ spinach
Sunday ~ Pork Chow Mein
Monday ~ Spinach & Salami Pizzas

Swap recipe from last week's Mexican Macaroni Cheese:
Spicy Bean & Rice Pilaf
this was to use up extra coriander and avocado

Interesting recipes: Greek Rice Pudding
Chicken Pasta Bake
Sweet Potato Salad
Barbequed Corn with Tomato & Almond Salad


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