Easter Menu

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Tuesday ~ Nachos
Wednesday ~ Pies, Peas & chips
Thursday ~ Chow Mein
Friday ~ Bolognaise
Saturday ~ tea out, pizzas and Mum's meal
Sunday ~Beef Sausage & Salad Pitas
Monday ~ Honey Soy Chicken
Tuesday ~ Pork Mince Stroganoff

At the moment my girls are at camp, so amazingly we bought a four pack of meat pies, for just the three of us. We also had corn chips left over from the last menu and continued on making the nachos. We had enough for another meal for lunch. I wasn't able to order my fruit and vege because of Easter. So this is a minimal meal plan based on the meats available at our local shop, we will buy more things on our mini pay next Wednesday. I want to make sure we have enough money for petrol and LPG to visit our other house, we have our son staying there after going to the football in Melbourne and our other son coming here we think. I already have the Easter eggs I went on a special trip two weeks ago. The honey soy chicken is a favourite. Years ago I saw on a label of the jar to serve it with pumpkin and potato, both mashed, with green beans. We have bought frozen green beans anyway for the chow mein. The girls have been asking for it. Pork Stroganoff is easy as it is made from things in cans from any old-fashioned Aussie supermarket.

I am going to a reunion and a group of us are having pizza.


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