The Great 'Simple Living' Survey

If you live a 'simple' lifestyle in one way or another, we need your help!

The Simplicity Institute is an organisation dedicated to research and policy analysis around the topic of simple living, downshifting, and similar lifestyles. This research is profoundly important as it touches the core of global problems such as climate change, over-consumption, work-life balance and a host of other social and ecological issues.

The Simplicity Institute's current research project is focused on people who have chosen a 'simpler' lifestyle, including changes such as reduced or restrained income, reduced consumption or reduced working hours.

If this sounds like you, then you are part of the most promising social movement on the planet. Learning more about people like you is therefore extremely important, so if you can spare 4 minutes to answer some quick questions then please do! As an added incentive, if you participate you'll go into the draw to win an exciting book package on the topic of 'simple living'.

To learn more and help build a better future, click here:

The Simplicity Institute was founded by Samuel Alexander and Dr. Simon Ussher.

Samuel Alexander is a lecturer at Melbourne University in Australia and editor of Voluntary Simplicity: The Poetic Alternative to Consumer Culture (2009). He is also the founder of the Simplicity Collective – a grassroots social network dedicated to advancing the voluntary simplicity movement.

Dr. Simon Ussher is a medical doctor in Melbourne, Australia and a passionate advocate of the holistic benefits of simple living.

The Simplicity Institute was founded with the vision of a sustainable, just and flourishing society. Read more about our mission.

Butternut and Cocoa: Live Simply Art Print


Cathy said…
Hello Linda
I find this quite interesting and have posted a link to your blog. Hope you don't mind.
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Linda said…
No that is fine, everyone is welcome to do that.

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