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Risotto Al Pomodoro (Tomato Risotto with Parmesan, Italy) Photographic Print

Yesterday I shopped in Coles at the regional centre as I had no shorts to wear because I have lost weight. I had a black pair that my husband adjusted the buttons on to pull the waist in, so I got three pair in the style I usually wear from BigW in a size smaller. I got a beautiful t-shirt for ten dollars that I am really happy about as it fits with what Trinny and Susannah would want for my sleeves lol.

Interesting recipes:

Lamb Sausage & Salad Pitas, uses beef sausages
Prosciutto and Rocket Lasagne

Thursday ~ spaghetti bolognaise
Friday ~ Pork Chow Mein (uses pork mince)
Saturday ~ Pork Mince Stroganoff
Sunday ~ Sausage Casserole (uses beef chipolatas)
Monday ~ Stir-fried Lamb, Vegetables & Noodles (uses lamb mince)
Tuesday ~ Chinese Cabbage & Lamb Stir-fry (uses lamb mince)
Wednesday ~ Essential Chow Mein
Thursday ~ Sausages & Baked Beans (uses pork sausages)
Friday ~ Spinach & Pork Sausage Risotto
Saturday ~ One-pot Italian Sausage Rice
Sunday ~ Spaghetti Bolognaise (using pork & veal mince & lentils)
Monday ~ Potato, Ham, Chorizo & Spinach Fritatta (subsitute silverbeet for rocket)
Tuesday ~ Japanese Pancakes (uses pork mince)
Wednesday ~ Pea & Sausage Risotto (uses Italian sausages)
Thursday ~ Broad Bean and Chorizo Risotto


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