Hamper King Menu

Picnic Lunch of Bread, Cheese, Tomatoes and Red Wine on a Hamper in the Dordogne, France Photographic Print

That time of year again! Hamper deliveries.

Tuesday 16th November ~ Pizza
Wednesday ~ Pizza
Thursday ~ Lasagne
Friday ~ Lasagne
Saturday ~ Pie
Sunday ~ Quiche & Salad & ?
Monday ~ Hamburgers
Tuesday ~ Hamburgers
Wednesday ~ Tuna Mornay with Cherry Tomatoes
Thursday ~ Salmon & Dill Potato Cakes (low-fat)
Friday ~ Leek & Sweet Potato Soup (low-fat)
Saturday ~ Salmon & Vegetable Pasta (low-fat)
Sunday ~ Ricotta & Rocket Quesadillas with Fried Egg (low-fat)
Monday ~ Pumpkin, Asparagus & Feta Risotto Patties (low-fat)

Success from last week:

Chicken Coleslaw Very excited about this. Thought it would be plain. It is like getting a twister at KFC.
Black-eyed Bean & Vegetable Soup this soup is terrific. It reminds me of a soup we used to make years ago from the Italian Soup mix packet. I made it from the water of boiled silverside with added spices. This soup has the spice, mine balls, but this powdered. Very clever.
Braised Pork with Fennel & Borlotti Beans an old-fashioned dish that is low-fat


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