Smoked Paprika Menu

Curry Powder and Paprika, Star Anise Photographic Print

I also got a large jar of anchovies so have included them in the menu as well. Finished up with vegetarian recipe to keep costs down.

Sunday 31st ~ Chicken Coleslaw
Monday ~ Potato & Spinach Frittata
Tuesday ~ Spicy Chorizo, White Bean & Tomato Soup
Wednesday ~ Roasted Tomato & Chilli Pasta with Parsley Salad
Thursday ~ Chorizo & Chickpea Panfry
Friday ~ Sweet Potato, Rocket & Bacon Frittata
Saturday ~ Vegetable Slice with Asparagus Salad
Sunday ~ Fennel, Olive & Parmesan Pizza
Monday ~ Spicy Chorizo Penne
Tuesday ~ Chicken & Broad Bean Bean Casserole
Wednesday ~ Baked Penne with Roasted Vegetables
Thursday ~ Penne with Tuna, Capers & Lime
Friday ~ Pappardelle with Tuna Ragu
Saturday ~ Bucatini with Salsa Verde
Sunday ~ Vegetable Pasta Bake (uses silverbeet)
Monday ~ Bacon, Thyme & Parsnip Soup

Success from last week:

Chicken & Capsicum Hotpot this dish I wasn't sure about. It is low-fat, and we raved about it when we were eating it. It is like a modern version of a late 60s dish stuffed Hungarian peppers which both my husband and enjoyed at the time.

Speaking of which I found this great recipe using pork mince and sugo.

Pork, Tomato & Cabbage Rolls


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