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Last time I bought for my menu but we made these instead. Only had to dash out for pies and chips I think, was a bit short on olives for the pasta salad but it didn't matter, and I think we got a couple of cans of soup and brussels sprouts to have with the kranskys, it is a standby so I thought of it on the spot. My new shopping day is Thursday 21st.

I bought smoked paprika when I was in Coles on a shopping trip. Nice to see some recipes using it. I have quite a lot of ingredients already, so that is good. Last shopping trip was still cheaper than what I used to spend last year on food, so I was happy.

Swapped: Sweet Potato & Lentil Soup
Tuna, Lemon & Rocket Risotto
Pies & Chips
Chicken & Lentil Soup
Pea & Ham Soup with Kranksys
Tuna, Olive & Pasta Salad

Tuesday October 19 ~ Bacon, Tomato & Rocket Spaghetti (low fat) had left over rocket
Wednesday ~ Bronwyn's Californian Lasagne
Thursday ~ Bacon, Zucchini & Asparagus Pasta (low fat)
Friday ~ Mushroom Boc Choy Risotto
Saturday ~ Barbecued Chicken Burgers (low fat)
Sunday ~ Beef & Broccolini Noodle Stirfry (low fat, uses mince)
Monday ~ Beef Stroganoff (low fat)
Tuesday ~ Black-eyed Bean & Vegetable Soup (soaking required, low fat)
Wednesday ~ Braised Pork with Fennel & Borlotti Beans (low fat)
Thursday ~ Cauliflower, Bacon & Split Pea Soup (low fat)
Friday ~ Chicken & Capsicum Hotpot (low fat)
Saturday ~ Chickpea & Pumpkin Casserole (low fat) garbanzo
Sunday ~ Chilli Chicken Pasta with Garlic, Olives & Capers (low fat)
Monday ~ Chorizo, Mushroom & Spinach Penne (low fat)

Interesting recipes:
Rocket Pesto & Chicken Spaghetti
Stir-fried Rice with Chilli Tuna
Ants Climbing A Tree (uses pork mince) we have made something like this before from the Changs site, beautiful


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