Review Recipes+ Magazine

When I went to Melbourne early this week, we stopped by my Mum's to drop off the girls as I was having surgery. On the way home Mum gave me a magazine stack including three copies of Recipes+. If the recipes are as good as the ones we usually use, these are a gold mine! They are similar to the recipes I used before our vegetarian super budget kick, which were budget already. Familiar ingredients are chorizo, chipolatas and different sausages. Also my favourite types of dishes, but different to the ones we already have, which I am getting sick of really because I like to find new exciting recipes with those ingredients, as they are a limited set of ingredients in some ways.

You can have a look at what it looks like here.

You all know I am very dependent on the Taste site and love it as well. I love the magazine too. But I find the recipes+ magazine better in that it is less offensive by the way of materialism. Also everything is very positive and doesn't favour any particular type of people. Very practical, helpful, and uplifting, and cute. The ads are even nice. As I said, they are not materialisic, they are for everyday things, not too many and entertaining in a nice way. Thank you recipes+ for brightening up my week. Only trouble is that when I take all my favourite recipes out, I may as well just put the whole magazine in the marbig, there won't be much left, or much room left in my marbig.


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