Lets Talk About Menu Planning

Woman Writing List, Studio Portrait Photographic Print

I was reading Mum's copy of Australian Good Taste July 2010 and came across an article called It pays to plan which you can read by pdf on the link. It had at the start of the article "Those who do it swear by it, but those who don't see it as a bizarre ritual..."

My immediate thoughts were that the same people probably collect tax receipts? What do you think? Anyway maybe it is hard for us to do all the rituals we are supposed to be doing. I definitely fall down on keeping receipts, or throwing out excess paper, but love menu planning or writing down a rough budget. I used to love recording things online, like blessings and stuff like that. It all depends how much energy we have I suppose.

There are a few parts to these articles and Part 2 which I have linked to has some good ideas on menu planning, that also fit in with my recent menu plans and their themes.


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