Miso Pastes

Close View of Miso Soup Photographic Print

I am totally learning as I go along with miso soups and miso pastes.

I had an opportunity when I went to my hometown to the chiropractor this Thursday to buy some miso. That is where I got my last packet. It is so easy, even opened it keeps, well I think it does. We had shiro miso before, which I remembered as rice. The shop didn't have a lot of misos so I bought a rice one. However, they are different.

The first one I had was shiro, my first packet ever, and it means sweet rice. The one I have now is kome, which is just rice miso. Shiro smells like Vegemite. And I would deny anyone to tell me that Aussies have been tricked lol. We live in South East Asia after all lol.

So hopefully I will use this packet in recipes and maybe try a different miso next time until I get the hang of this lol. The brand I got was spiral miso.

OK, I think it goes something like colour. Rice is white I think, then there are red ones. Help! The trick is that mine doesn't look very white lol.

I found some useful notes on the saltiness of miso here. There are pictures of the coloured misos here. But still I am unsure if my new miso replaces my old one.

I just found that Janella Purcell has a shop so you can find some of these lovely ingredients. It is here.


Miss Eagle said…
I have been meaning to try miso for simply ages and even bought a pkt ages ago and it sits unopened in the cupboard. I had better get cracking.

Blessings and bliss

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