Homemade Kewpie Mayonnaise & Vegetarian Japanese Pancakes

We have been still making Vegetarian Japanese Pancakes adapted from another site. Post about it here. Here is our adaption so far:

Vegetarian Japanese pancakes

You will need for 12 rather large pancakes or many littler ones:
Pancake batter
1. ½ cup of self-raising flour
2. 1 ½ cup of plain flour
3. 2 large eggs
4. 3 cups of cabbage, thinly sliced
5. 2 cups grated carrot
6. 2 cups grated potatoes
7. 1 tbsp of chopped fresh mint leaves (optional best leave out)
8. 1 tsp of salt
9. 1 tsp of pepper
10. Some milk
11. Some oil
Mix the flours, egg, salt and pepper together add milk to give thick and not runny mixture. Add the vegetables.
Add some oil to a non-stick frying pan, spoon the pancake batter , flatten out with back of spoon.
Fry until both sides are golden brown.
To serve:
Serving without smoked salmon, spread thinly kewpie (Q.P) mayonnaise and some Worcester sauce (rather than tomato sauce only).
QP mayo is much less sweeter than ‘normal’ mayonnaise and that is why it goes well with the vegetable pancake and Worcester.

Kewpie mayonnaise recipes:

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Other things I found:

Japanese Pancakes from msn

Vegetarian Japanese Pancakes another version from Travelling in Mary Janes

Another Vegetarian Japanese Pancake from Your Weekly Menu (an Australian menu site)

Japanese Pizza Pancake from Not Quite Nigella

Wholemeal version from I Ate Brisbane which is sad as my husband wants to make wholemeal ones too, he is the one who wants to make his own mayonnaise as well.


Maria said…
WoW to the idea of making your own Kewpie mayo.. AND wholemeal pancakes? I like the look of your 'white' vegie version here in the photo. My husband is addicted to Kewpie mayo. I bought a large (soft plastic) bottle of it about a month ago and it's all gone.
Linda said…
Ours is nearly all gone too, such a tragedy I think.

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