Cookbook Suggestion

I found this cookbook in my pile of books, magazines and papers. Actually my husband did. It fits in so well with what we have been cooking and menu planning lately. A real treasure.

Lately we have been roasting tomatoes, roasting pumpkin slices and having sliced zucchini in pizzas on pita bread.

Though this book encourages you to buy products like Latina or Old El Paso items, still the rest of the ingredients are cheap. It even has a photo of a paella pan like the one I got for a blog prize.

It was published in 2003 for General Mills Australia. Sometimes you can get these type of books on ebay.

I am just amazed at the vegetarian versions. For example Vegetable Gorditas that includes broccoli (keep in mind I made a Mexican dish with pumpkin recently), Soft Tacos with Spicy Chargrilled Vegetables.

There is a really clear picture of Chimichangas.

The non-vegetarian recipe that I like is Nachos with Chicken & Olives. What a great variation to the one that our family makes, it uses a BBQ chook.

I have gone off Italian, but this book was great. Gnocchi with Parsley Olive Pesto & Grilled Cherry Tomatoes. We are eating rocket pesto that is homemade from a recent sausage recipe on my menu plan for lunch on toast. Lovely.

The soups look fabulous and there is a great recipe for Italian sausages which are hard to come by I feel. There is also the paella recipe that is a variation of our family's one which is from the McCormick spices site.


Maria said…
It's great to find recipe and meal inspiration from cookbooks like these. So what's put you off Italian in recent times?
Linda said…
I'm not sure, it seems to happen.

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