Chicken Mince Recipes

We haven't made much with chicken mince lately, and have our favourite recipe for chicken mince that I have posted on my main blog here, a long time ago lol (2008). I have been looking through my old foodie magazines, my husband put them in a box, just foodie magazines, and I look through one a day when the sun streams through my window during this record cold winter.

I found a page with various minces (ground meat) including another of my favourites, pork mince. The pork mince one hasn't been published on the Taste site so I will type it up, and try it when I got shopping normally again, maybe in a month or so.

Chicken Paella

Edited to say that on Wednesday night after I posted this, we had a BBQ chicken and tabouli mix as per my menu plan. However we didn't have olive oil (usually it is always there in the cupboard) to make up the tabouli. So I happened to find this recipe (was not related to this post or memory of finding it at all, because I didn't remember lol).

Anyway, the recipe is lovely. We usually make a paella from the McCormick's site. This was just as nice, and the saffron didn't bother us. I vaguely remember Gillian McKeith saying, perhaps on Ready Steady Cook, that basmati rice is easy to digest? Anyway, that is what I found, this paella is very soft and nice. We will be making it again, with double the paprika.

In case I have missed any other great chicken mince recipes I am doing a search. Previously when we first started using chicken mince, we made chicken balls and chicken lasagne. The other recipe is a pasta recipe, creamy. So to find something different and practical, more practical than the balls.

Easy Chicken Chow Mein

Something to go with packets of tabouli mix:

Moroccan Chicken Rissoles

Creamy Chicken & Spinach Bake features pumpkin and crushed potato chips

My reference point (though vague without the thought of actually eating it at this stage) is what would I like to cook if I had chicken mince

Chicken Tacos

Thai Chicken Broth

Chicken, Bacon & Spinach Spaghetti Bolognaise

Chicken, Fennel & Lemon Fettuccine

Fried Rice with Chicken features plum sauce

Chicken Nachos

Chicken Tacos

Chicken Chilli Con Carne


Barb said…
Would you have a recipe for a chicken filling for stuffed capsicum please?
Linda said…
A few months ago I had a conversation about this with a friend on facebook, there is the stuffed capsicums and also cabbage rolls. Will have to remember what we decided about the two recipes.
Anonymous said…
Love your chicken mince recipe . Have to give it a try!
Anonymous said…
I'm in the US & have never heard of chicken mince. What is it?
Linda said…
It has been awhile since I compared different names for things, I think you would call it ground chicken. If you are interested in ground beef recipes from other countries beef mince would be the search term. I have found that recipes from India have a different name for ground beef, but I haven't followed that up to find any recipes yet.

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