Anyone like dates?

Fruit Muffin and a Pot of Apricot Jam

I just came back from taking my daughter to gym. She was talking about dates and then muffins and I was intrigued, as I am a date scone lover from way back. Love sticky date pudding as well. Came home and found the recipe on my computer desk. She was talking about people eating them and offering them to the school head and someone asking for butter. Dates, butter, you get the picture. (Date Loaf?)

I found two nearly identical recipes online:

Date Muffins with Caramel Sauce

this one had extra spices and they both had different sauce

Ginger Date Muffins with Caramel Sauce

but this is it!

Ginger Date Muffins with Caramel Sauce

I figure if the kids liked it it must be good.

You guys have probably seen the Australian Woman's Weekly recipe in print?


Maria said…
You know.. I've never had a date scone in my life?! (Also.. haven't seen the AWW recipe). I guess I don't go for dried fruit delicacies because they really overstimulate my acidic tum. I bet I'd love the taste of them though.. especially warm with lashings of proper butter :)

I love your photo!
Linda said…
I feel like that about cake made with butter. Much prefer oil or coconut milk for baking.

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