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Campbell's Soup I: Black Bean, c.1968

In 1968 I could have been eating this soup. I love black bean soup, but sadly it was never sold here.

I was going to post a picture of Old Mother Hubbard, but that was very depressing, a dusty looking wooden cupboard.

So here is my pic, of black turtle beans, for those Australians who haven't seen them. They make everything black, but I love them!

Still Life with Red Chili Peppers and Black Beans

Still using the things we have on hand for the base for each recipe. Hopefully next fortnight will be easier. However, the recipes have been lovely so far.

Tuesday ~ Pea & Ham Soup with Kranskys
Wednesday ~ Black eyed Beans/Peas & Vegetable Soup
Thursday ~ Pea Fritters & perhaps Chickpea Salad with Yoghurt Dressing
Friday ~ Chinese Egg Noodles
Saturday ~ Mixed Bean Chilli Soup Aduki Bean Chilli recipe on this blog soon
Sunday ~ Nachos with pinto beans or Pinto Beans with Chorizo & wraps
Monday ~ Fish with red or green curry from a can
Tuesday ~ Red & Black Lentil Soup by Tobie Puttock using French Style Lentils
Wednesday ~ Seafood Chowder I'm using canned prawns this particular time
Thursday ~ Mexican Macaroni Cheese
Friday ~ Wombuk & Mushroom Chow Mein I'm using egg noodles
Saturday ~ Italian Soup with Cheesy Damper (uses Kraft Cheddar)
Sunday ~ Pasta e Fagioli
Monday ~ Pumpkin & Split Pea Soup

Swap recipes:
Chilli Bean Casserole with Herby Dumplings
Roast Pumpkin & Black Lentil Soup

Possible Baking:
Polenta Cake with Citrus Syrup (I need eggs)

Successful recipes from last week:
Lucy's Adzuki Croquettes & Spicy Sesame Sauce

Interesting recipes:
Gula Melaka with Lychees
Hot Pot Soup with Basil Dumplings (uses kranskys)
Hearty Chicken Soup

The big question is, is aduki bean chilli a legitimate use for aduki beans? It seems so, going on this recipe called Mixed Bean Chilli Soup. We tried it last night, and yes, yummy.

A little more strange until I have tried it, aduki bean feijoada, Adzuki Bean & Cabbage Stew, I like feijoada, so I am curious. Going on what happened with the Mixed Bean Chilli Soup, yes it is like feijoada. Sour cream would have gone with it very nicely.

Anyway, I liked the cans of mixed pulses in the first recipe. They include soya, pinto, black-eye, red kidney and aduki beans, and chickpeas. They are available in the UK. It is used in this minestrone soup. It went well as a minestrone too. Aduki beans seem very versatile, for Italian, like black beans from the south and beyond, Japanese and like chilli, similar story to the black beans.


Kadeeae said…
Liking the new look! =)

Had a glance at the seafood chowder and it does look really good! Lots of good foodie ideas here, as always, thanks for the inspiration.

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