Menu Planning, $21 Challenge, Simple Savings

I have been finding menu planning videos on Youtube. I came across one by a lady associated with simple savings, which I have heard of before, and the $21 challenge. One video I watched mentioned the Destitute Gourmet recipes. I went there and found one of my own secrets, saving money by using sausages as a main meat ingredient in recipes. It is great because I found some recipes that I can use myself. I like collecting sausage recipes.

Quick and Easy Sausage Carbonara

Chunky Sausage Bean Bake

Simple Savings Youtube Channel


scrappy quilter said…
With the prices we have in Cda. a budget of $21 is almost impossible unless you grow your own veggies and have your own meat. With our computer we can't watch Youtube. Hugs
Debbie said…
I am a member of simple savings and have the book, it is very good and has quiet a few good easy recipes. The destitute gourmet recipe books are great and I use them often, the library might have them if you want to try any of the recipes. I have the first three, I think she has a few more now.
Linda said…
My library has Stunning Food From Small Change, thanks Debbie.

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