Childhood Memories Retained & Built On

This a photo of my childhood home. In it is my beloved mandarin tree, amaryllis, and elm trees. My mother put the four citrus trees there, and in the foreground she had a fence. She had the verandah enclosed on this side for her sewing room at the time. I have a photo of my Great Grandma around the other side from when she owned the house.

To me the mandarin was not that tasty but I still ate them. I often was walking around the grass, obviously with not much else to do. I spent a lot of time on the verandah as well, and Mum dried our clothes there when it did nothing but rain.

Mum doesn't live there now, but she does still get to have input into the garden, she is very lucky as we actually went to live in town, it was a family owned property, but we lived 30 miles away for many years. It is nice that my girls were able to visit recently and take this photo. It is owned by my brother now. I have moved to this remote location, but must try to visit sometime.


Kadeeae said…

Mums & Memories, the things that make a house a home.

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