Ten Favourite Free Things

Kadeeae at Consuming The Harvest has tagged me. She was tagged by The Diary of a Frugal Family. The next person up the chain (?) is Make do mum. You can then read what their favourite free things are.

Ten Favourite Free Things

1. Looking at the scenery (yes I have to drive there to see it, but I am going past it anyway)

2. Looking at the red leaves on my liquid ambar or sweet gum in late autumn or early winter, out the window.

3. Watching my fish in the fish pond. (Unfortunately I have to drive there to see them.)

4. Reading novels from the library.

5. My youngest daughter's smiles and hugs. She seems to always have them.

6. Watching sunsets. No driving required.

7. Enjoying the roses on my arch, they always seem to flower, except in winter of course. They are Renae roses.

8. If I am in my car I listen to music, I don't seem to listen to my CDs any other time.

9. Getting things from the tip, yes I don't actually do the dirty work.

10. Watching the older girls ride their ripstick skate board and powerwing scooter.

Who am I going to tag?

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Joyce said…
Good Morning, Linda,
I'm glad to play along with this meme, and very much enjoyed your 'ten favourite free things'. The beauty of nature and the loving company of family - What can be better than that?

Hope you have a wonderful day!
great list there Linda. Its lovely to see what's free....

Gill in Canada
Kadeeae said…
Great list :-)

Can I ask, why you have to drive to your fish pond? Is it far from you?
Linda said…
It is at our other house. The one we either have to move into or sell, after doing a few more jobs to it.

It is about 40 minutes away.

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