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A few days ago I had an exciting email arrive in my inbox. It was from Maree at buyster with a small b. I am familiar with buyster, because I had seen a mention of it on a blog I am following. I had looked at the post very carefully, wondering who is this buyster company. The post was about a light. I had seen lights like that before. The one I particularly like is a pendant light that buyster carry. Our builder lined a back porch in the property we bought two years ago. It is a sloped lined ceiling and the pendant I still like and enjoy. (Edited to say I actually have been a big buyer of these lights. I have even decided to buy two for my current home as well. I will be getting those from buyster. I have checked and they carry the ones I want.)

In fact I have two more lights to buy for that house, at least, and am going to look at all buyster's lights carefully, as I think they would do a better job of making sure the light arrives in good condition than my experience with ebay. Not that ebay is not a good way to buy lights, but there was a certain design that cracked. With buyster's experience, I imagine they don't carry them anyway if they are hard to ship.

So who are buyster?

"buyster is a joint venture between netus an Australian technology investment company and CSN Stores, one of the leading online retail companies in the USA.

Who are CSN Stores?

CSN Stores is one of the top 3 online retailers of home and office products in the USA. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Boston, it now employs over 400 people and achieved over US$200 million in sales in 2007. Read more about CSN Stores.

Who are netus?

netus is an Australian technology investment company. Backed by News Ltd, they have a range of experience in the Australian market and their leadership team have experience from some of the top online businesses in Australia - including Expedia and eBay. Read more about netus."

Why is it exciting? I spent ages on their site, and loved having a look around. First it started with the opportunity for me to receive something for my home so I was looking for something I may like. It didn't take long for me to spy a paella pan. You may have been aware, or some of my online readers would be aware, that I have been wanting one! Here it is!

I am going to be reviewing it on my blog! Can't wait. You can click on it to see more details, there is also an enamelled one. More about paella pans later. (I need the post space to rave on about them lol.)

One of the products that took my eye when I was looking around was the lamp that also holds an ipod here (you can see if it compatible with your type of ipod easily). The special mugs, and other name brands and the gorgeous glass bowls. Brands include Gordon Ramsey, Royal Dulton, Royal Albert, Noritake, Wedgwood & Le Creuset.

My property I mentioned before had to be handled a little like a property for development. We had a laundry with a retro twin laundry sink with old fashioned pipes running under the window. Our plumber suggested we cut a hold in that space at the back between the sinks and put in a mixer. I had to order it especially. buyster has those type of mixers, plus 34 sinks.

Looks like I nearly need three posts for this. I am not a great consumer but despite my slow internet speed at the moment (down loading pokemon movies) I found lots of things fascinating.

The bunk beds are interesting. I remember all my previous bunk bed buying experiences. One of the buyster ones (silver) reminds me of a shopping trip where I saw a silver bunk with a matching cute computer. It was fun probably because I wasn't actually shopping for bunks that day, it can be difficult with little kids as well as dealing with the financials, and travelling to get to a shop that still may only have a few bunk beds on display.

My sixteen year old daughter loved the futon on the buyster site.

If you have been always wanting to know where to find old fashioned doll's house furniture you will find it at buyster. It is an interesting modern site, but has so many things suitable for an older home. Also if you have a business you will find reception chairs and couches.

The things suitable for an older or country home are 1920s styled plant stands for inside for cast iron plants etc., hall stands and also telephone tables, so you can have new, not second hand, and the prices are around $600. Also an unusual Tiffany fireplace screen

For the property fixer uppers, a $219 bath tub and Retro medicine cabinets. I remember after selling my first home, how could I get another cabinet like that.

Anyway, I had fun, and I'm hooked. Stay tuned.


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