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Two Sunny Yellow Dandelions

The girls are going away for 8 days. I'm not sure if we have been on our own at all since I was 24, we may have, I'm not sure. Not much anyway.

So, since they are going early on in the week and the next day I am getting a fruit order delivered, I have ordered the juice as per usual, and the bananas, and expect to actually get some. I wonder if I will actually drink some before they get home, I am so used to not having any. I have ordered a box of Shapes, and some cheap grapes too.

I expect to have a couple of meals of left overs. Since our son left last weekend, we have been having left overs for lunch. He usually eats any we have for breakfast. He is a big fry up breakfast type of person.

The dandelions are for the ones in our backyard in the green lawn (not usually like that) where the old dog kennel used to be. I can see this grass and the dandelion flowers from the kitchen table.

Tuesday ~ Rigatoni Milano
Wednesday ~ Pies, Chips, Peas & Gravy
Thursday ~ Tuna Casserole
Friday ~ Taco Salad
Saturday ~ Spaghetti Bolognaise
Sunday ~ Fish with Wombuk Salad
Monday ~ Thai Mixed Vegetable Curry
Tuesday ~ Dutch Vegetable and Red Lentil Patties & Chips & Salad Greens
Wednesday ~ Left-overs
Thursday ~ Pesto Pasta with Zucchini, Feta & Tomato
Friday ~ Left-overs
Saturday ~ Spicy Lentil Noodles
Sunday ~ Pumpkin, Chorizo & Rice
Monday ~ Chow Mein

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Kadeeae said…
8 days on your own! Almost like a holiday then, bet you'll miss them though . . .

Linda, I've 'tagged' you on my Saturday post, not a difficult one, but may very well be the last I participate in.....please have a look.
Linda said…
Hi Kadeeae, it is a nice tag and interesting subject, I hope I can do it justice.

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