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Christmas Decoration with Apples, Nuts, Candle & Gingerbread

I was working out today if I have to grocery shop tomorrow. It looks next fortnight (tomorrow now I wrote some of this 14 days ago) would be the best week to skip grocery shopping as I have meat for all meals. I order my fruit, vegetables and bread online and am able to buy other ingredients here if I have a good list and it is not too extensive. The meat comes from my Chrisco & Hamper King hampers that will be delivered. Next time I can think up recipes for the Pasta Sauces.

Last fortnight, and I still have recipes I haven't used yet, swapped with the pies below, my husband made spanakopita with our homegrown silverbeet. We chose that particular recipe because it suited the ratio of spinach to cheese that we had on hand. Here are some more recipes for Greek Spinach Pie.

Thursday 19th November ~ Pies Potatoes & Beans
Friday 20th November ~ Pies, Potatoes & Beans
Saturday 21st November ~ Sausage Casserole (Chipolatas)
Sunday 22nd November ~ Wombuk Salad & Corn Crumbed Fish?
Monday 23rd November ~ Creamy Mustard Kransky
Tuesday 24th November ~ Sausages, Potatoes & Beans
Wednesday 25th November ~ Pork Sausages
Thursday 26th November ~ Pork Sausages
Friday 27th November ~ Macaroni & Zucchini Pasta Bake
Saturday 28th November ~ Low-fat Pasta Carbonara
Sunday 29th November ~ Bacon, Egg & Beef Sausage Burgers
Monday 30th November ~ Ham, Cheese & Chive Quiches (uses whipped cream and ham steaks)
Tuesday 1st December ~ Sweet & Sour Sausages with Rice
Wednesday 2nd December ~ some eating out, sausage rolls

Substitution: Beef Sausage & Lentils with Polenta and Zucchini
(grape tomatoes)


Virginia said…
I'm impressed (and a little hungry now).

I'm currently trying to cook at least two nights a week. My sister-in-law (who lives with us) is trying to pick up one night a week, and my husband is doing one night...

Although it's tough when we're all working full-time.
Virginia said…
Yep, I did find you on blogtoberfest! I'm up to #205, I think. I've been bookmarking everybody I've really gotten into, and will be returning once I get through the entire list.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog!
great minds think alike as I did a menu plan starting last Thursday and so far so good, I am sticking to it, which is always my biggest challenge. Thanks for the info on you tube and editing.

Gill in Canada

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