Life As I See It

Well I am two posts down for Octoberfest on this blog. The other one, I felt like I hadn't posted, like on Friday for example, but overall for the month I think I posted 37 times, so that qualifies I think.

That means it is Halloween here now. Allens lollies were on special so we got 5 bags for $10. Meant to get some lollies at The Warehouse, but something was lost in our conversation and we both forgot. My husband went to the regional centre all day on Thursday. This morning he tried to find out why my car doesn't get fresh air through it like his does. Yes, I suppose we have his and hers cars. This morning, he actually started it last night, the bonnet was off etc. etc. and there it remains a mystery. Yes, my airconditioning is still not working, it is over a year now. I have to figure out if I can afford to drive down there and get it fixed. When it is an indeterminate (a word?) amount, it makes it difficult.

My son lives in the city and his tip for the lollies was the Asian stores. He says they were cheap. He got a pumpkin, and just at meal time tonight I said I could have dug out my pumpkin lights as we had some Halloween visitors, our first ever I think, and they would have appreciated them. Last year they were not found, and now everyone thinks they would be in my cupboard, which are my thoughts exactly!

What did I really want to write about? We got our first Chrisco box on Thursday! It was due on the 5th. It was a whole box of plastic wear for the kitchen. It is for our second son for when he goes to university or out on his own. He liked them, and wasn't going to part with them. Sometime after my grocery shopping day (every fortnight) 6 days later I'm getting Hamper King. Our trailer still doesn't have new tyres, so by some feat of organisation (very difficult at the moment) we hope to borrow a trailer, and you guessed it! We are back tracking and bringing the freezer here. My husband still hopes to move though when some painting and weeding gets finished. I'm still scared of snakes.

We are getting sausages, fish and pies and some icecreams. I was hoping it would cheer us up.

The scents around the garden have been lovely. I haven't always identified the source. Such a change when it was so wintery, perhaps even a week or less ago. My daughter had her sports day on Friday and it was quite hot. Luckily not quite too hot. Then she got to go to craft at the Uniting Church. A lady talked to me so nicely, and I didn't even know her. I have been in this town 6 years but had no idea. Luckily I could ask my daughter later because they do know everybody.


Gypsy Lala said…
Thank you for playing " Life as I see it", wish you have fun. Wish you enjoy your Halloween. I am sure you have a wonderful weekend.

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