The Good Report

I found this at Pardon my Chaos who found it at the GOOD REPORT. It is late at night here, so I have lost track of which day is best to post my Good Report.

1. My daughter planted some cucumbers, tomatoes & capsicums.

2. I may watch Jamie Oliver's American Roadtrip. I was going to post a video but there are no suitable ones available that I can find. I hope I don't mind watching the show, it is on Monday on Ten.

3. It wasn't too hot and dry to do our gardening today.

4. Our jerusalem artichokes are not dead, they are growing quite well.

5. I think everyone is going to school tomorrow, it will be nice as I had one home for three days last week, and it was hectic with two big shopping days

6. I found a purple grannies bonnet that came up by itself in my wheelbarrow. I was looking at the different shades of pink and lilac ones we have last week. Now I have purple. It could have been a seed years old that came from my Mum's house, or just possibly blew in? I don't remember.


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