The Good Report

I found this at Pardon my Chaos who found it at the GOOD REPORT.

I have not been able to keep up to my Thankful Thursday's lately, maybe there have been too many things going on having school holidays and trips etc. etc. We had sewerage mains put in at our new house and lots of things happening. However little things crop up that have been nice.

1. Not sure how long ago I heard it now, but at 11pm for a few nights I heard the mopoke owl again. We have even figured out which tree he lives in (pictured).

2. Last time we came back from our new house we had to slow down for a family of ducks that were crossing the road, yes, seriously. It was in the same place that the plover and her baby came out of the grass, or nearby.

3. It is dreamy and flowery outside.

4. I was able to see my daughter overseas via Facebook

5. Blogtoberfest

6. Having money for the times when we need it

7. My daughter has a mild case of chickenpox, and would have had a bad case if she didn't have her injection

8. My husband being willing to sew up my daughter's skirt, she is enjoying wearing it to school.


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