Family Life

I was watching Austar during the last few days and came across the ads for the new shows starting up. One was about the family unit. Not sure I like it, but it looked interesting. It is called The Family.

Since I am posting on this blog every day this month for Blogtoberfest, and the theme if desired today is clocks, I will start there today.

I woke at 3.30 this morning. I was expecting the alarm to go off at some point. My daughter and my husband were to leave home at 5.30 to be at the airport about 11 to have lunch and be in time for 12 when the others turned up. The alarm worked fine, then woke me to say goodbye. I finally woke at 9.30, the fire had already been stoked for me which is just as well, and I had one hour before I had to take our youngest daughter who is 7 to a double birthday party.

At the airport, the other early bird was a girl who lives an hour down the road from us on the way to the airport. Her parent(s) couldn't sleep and decided they may as well drive. My husband made very good time, he may be home before tea, or around 7. We have been having tea later and later, and I don't suppose it will improve with daylight saving tonight. I think they may as well have permanent daylight saving rather than keep cribbing weeks off each end, a little this year a little the next, you know. It makes it really hard where I live, sort of a slow death by tiredness. Maybe I will just have to buy an evaporative airconditioner to make summer a time to recoop from the early rising springtime. Just glad I don't have babies anymore. It used to be quite hard, don't think I would have survived the change in daylight savings then. Anyway I have forgotten what I didn't like about it particularly these days as winter has the habit of making you forget summer. I just know originally at the date it was every year it was a nice family time when it changed back, this was going back before it was first moved for Moomba.

As I write this my daughter is going on her first international flight. I hope the warmer temperatures help her cold and that the jetlag (if you get it for a shorter flight) doesn't make her feel awful with the cold. My husband has a 5 1/2 hour drive home, but I think it only took 5 hours to get there. The last bit is the hardest with the real danger of roos on the road. Joolz said one day they are no match for cars, which is true. But, I was in a doctors surgery once and there was a very shook up guy who had had a recent prang with a roo, and he was talking about it with the others there. At the time the roos tended to eat grass right next to the road as there was a drought on.

I have a bullbar just in case, though I am quite careful. I remember years ago that the fan? in our car went through the battery, not sure what we hit. Apparently that doesn't happen with the newer cars. That was what I was concerned about. The plastic over my lights has been broken on one side, I should really see if I can get a replacement.

Anyway, my husband is stopping off at my Mum's for a break. Mum has all these clothes that other people in the family can't use anymore, like shirts which may come in handy when my son leaves to go to his brothers. He wants to find work there for the summer. I'm not even sure he has a button up shirt. I need to go to the regional centre 1 1/2 hours away to get him something nice to wear to his high school graduation this year. He has already graduated VCE, he is repeating English (unit 3 or 4 well both something to do with a sequence), but still doing a full load since there is no 10% penalty anymore. He will pick up a 6th subject. He is repeating chemistry, methods and specialist, this time doing specalist by correspondence. I think this is great as there is low contact hours at the uni he wishes to get into.

He is picking up biology. Mid year exams he got an A for Chemisty and a B- I think for Biology. So it is worth thinking about if someone is in a similar situation with a bright child who hasn't done as well as you would have liked first time.

So while we are waiting for time to tick down my 12 year old is doing cupcake experiments, rather proper patty cakes, for a school project. While her sister was at the party we walked to the shop to get some ingredients, then she bought eggs, as I haven't had a fruit order for ages. I had a very exact menu plan, I got some extra money I am supposed to be saving, but it has gone on last minute things for the trip, well not all of it. Also, airport parking. Hopefully it didn't cost the whole $49.


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