This is my little girl at the zoo on Saturday. They loved the exhibits, her and her older sister who is 12. We used to go to the zoo regularly in Melbourne. We lived three hours from it previously. Since moving here nearly 6 years ago we have only managed to go to the Wagga Wagga zoo, and because my little girl hadn't been to a zoo, we took her to the Canberra zoo early last year I think. I had seen the new plantings and car park, was totally surprised at how things look now. Nothing has been radically rearranged, I still knew where I was, but wow. The section we were in had lots of Indonesian signs I think. It was the section with the elephants, pelicans and the butterflies. The butterfly house now has a gorgeous mosiac entrance to appeal to all those fairy loving girls out there and I suspect a few ladies. The kiosk was made to look Asian. Boy, the elephant handling section is a cross between a dairy and a jail. A bit scarey. But lovely statues and places to sit, it is like being in colonial India even in places. There is also an Asian vege garden, it is all too gorgeous. Old-fashioned. Some things in the buildings look like they have come out of people's sheds, but I still think it was all well done! My only complaint is that I didn't have much time in the Japanese garden as there was a wedding in the beautiful weather we had, then photos. There was a lot to learn in there about plantings for the home garden.

We felt the kids really needed to go to the zoo. My older girl was disappointed we didn't have more time there. They got a great zoo show bag for $20 that was worth more I thought. My little girl took the beautiful stuffed toy from the bag to school today. It is nice to have something to show the other kids who often go places and have things to write about. My little girl wants to extend her writing to be longer as another girl writes seemingly reams. I loved all the water features at the zoo.


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