Blogtoberfest Introduction Late Day 1

I am visiting the Blogtoberfest participants, will have to stop after Alissa for the night as it is going to be an very early morning tomorrow. I have all those blogs to look forward to visiting tomorrow while babysitting my seven and twelve year old daughters, I guess I can't include my eighteen year old son for fear of offense.

In the style of Alissa's introduction, her photo was very Australian and lovely.

I'm 45, we live in North East Victoria. This is our town. We have no idea we are sitting under that mountain. It is shocking really. We took this photo nearly 2 weeks ago for my other daughter now 16 to take to her host family in Malaysia. There is so much snow around at the moment, I saw it yesterday. Where is spring? My tulips are finishing, maybe they need water or had a hot day, or maybe they are really finishing.


ange_moore said…
What a gorgeous photo - no wonder you treechanged if that's what you get to see every day.

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