Blogtoberfest ~ Day 2

I copied this excerpt to explain to my readers or friends what Blogtoberfest is. It is from Bellsknits.

Blogtoberfest involves the rather daunting task of blogging daily for the month of October and anyone can sign up. It's run by Cathie over at Tinnie Girl. She wrote about it here and here.

By signing up for Blogtoberfest you agree to:
  • spend a fair whack of each day in October writing blog posts
  • spend all of October worrying that you won't have anything to post about
  • spend all of October worrying that your posts aren't interesting enough
  • spend all of October scouting around for material for daily blog posts.

Or to frame it more positively you agree to:
  • really give yourself permission to spend time on daily blog posts
  • sink your teeth into posting stuff you never thought you'd write about
  • come up with ways to keep yourself interested and motivated - after that the interest by other people is just a flow on effect
  • find yourself looking with fresh eyes at the world as each moment of each day may contain an image or a conversation or an idea that can be shaped into a blog post.

I like the page where they give suggestions of what to write each day. (Today is Rocktober (music) ). TinnieGirl lives in my State, so maybe by checking out the other posters you will learn more about Victoria and the life here. Mind you I live so far away from Melbourne I may not count lol. They look to be a crafty bunch, so if you like craft check a few out!

Speaking of craft. Last night I was treated to an episode of Kirstie's Homemade Home. It is fantastic. It is about a beautiful English house that hadn't been lived in for a decade or so. Kirstie is the other half of Kirstie & Phil on the Lifestyle channel here, who find properties for people in the UK. Last night it was the kitchen. She learnt how to blow glass, revisit sewing, and make pottery, and by the end, after going shopping at the markets etc. had a lovely kitchen finished.

The show has a beautiful knitted sign of the program.

Am I a crafter? No, and this isn't my main blog. I shouldn't say that, I love crochet, was taught to sew, can knit, but I am not doing it at the present time. But this blog is about writing, and needs a few extra posts, so here we are. I'm sorry I missed day 1. May do a catch up post. I wasn't really home anyway. I am guessing everyone is now winding down, waiting for school to start again on Monday.

Me, I am winding down, just finished packing my daughter's suitcase for her scholarship to Malaysia for 8 days.

Today is her birthday! She didn't get a present, as her brother also won something fairly recently, a phone. He gave it to her, so with the money we usually spend on her present we spent on a game for him. I have bought her some new clothes from Target to take on her trip. However, lots of great clothes my mind found by op-shopping over a period of weeks, and she also bought some new underwear for her. After all her shopping, she didn't send any money for her either.

Today we had afternoon tea with cake, chips etc.

My daughter is learning a song, it basically means My Heart is Happy although I don't have Money


Linda said…
Turns out it was a similar song, not this one exactly. It turned out well, my daughter played guitar for the concert and held the mike for 5 songs.

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