Always, Never, Sometimes...

Got this idea from her heart my hands who got it from Blinking Flights, Who got it from Good-ness who got it from Elise Blaha....

Video games...24/7...I can always sleep in school

Lol. Too true.

Hopefully this is about real life everyday things that simple living is made up of.

I always:

* finish my cup of tea
* use my indicator on the car & stop at stop signs
* use old towels for rags

I sometimes:

* watch Ready Steady Cook
* sleep in (not saying I wake up with the birds, though around here sometimes it is necessary)
* put out snail bait, though that could be a good thing, especially when we have lizards and stuff around
* clean my reading glasses
* use up everything in the fridge, it used to be everything, now sometimes I don't use up all the spinach, yoghurt, and zucchinis

I never:

* play video games
* use my parker lights on the car
* sunbake (I should do that in the inbetween seasons, full clothed in a chair)
* put my meat out to defrost


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